Whitesmoke – World Leading English Writing Software – Make everything you write sound amazing!

The ultimate language solution for full text translation and perfect English writing.

The Best Way to Grammar-Check Your Texts
Comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and style checkers.

Multilingual Dictionary
Don’t let languages be a barrier! Now you can understand them all with one easy click!

Full-Text Translator
Translate full texts from any application in one click.

Multilingual Dictionary
Don’t let languages be a barrier! Now you can understand them all with one easy click!

Artificial Intelligence
With algorithms based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, your writing couldn’t be in better hands.

Never at a loss for words!
Hundreds of professional letter templates to choose from.


WhiteSmoke has compiled a quality database of suggestions that consists of millions of grammar and spelling corrections, as well as other ways to enrich your writing. This writing enhancement software will also point out complex errors, such as subject-verb inconsistency, commonly confused words and homonyms.

Once it completes its grammar check, the software will generate a writing review report, which includes an overall rating of your text. It also rates the text in six separate categories, including sentence length, sentence structure, redundancy, voice, informal expressions and word choice. The ratings are color-coded to let you know which categories are excellent, which ones are good, which ones are fair and which ones need work. The software also produces an activity report that gives you a summary of the errors it finds. It lists the number of sentences analyzed and the number of grammar corrections, spelling corrections and style suggestions.

Once you’ve installed WhiteSmoke on your computer, this writing enhancement software will be ever present, offering to check almost any text that you enter. When you start typing in Microsoft Word, for example, a little WhiteSmoke icon will appear in the corner of your screen that you can click at any time. This icon also appears when you use a text box online, such as in a blog post or on Facebook. The omnipresence of this application will help your writing stay strong, no matter what setting you’re in. You can also open WhiteSmoke and paste text directly into the application window, if you’d prefer.


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